British minibus with eighteen occupants crashes in Antwerp: driver killed in accident and child seriously injured | Antwerp

A major accident involving a British minibus occurred in Antwerp around 3:30 am on Sunday morning. The driver was killed, eighteen other occupants were injured. One child is in serious condition. The party consisted of British Jews who returned to London after visiting relatives. Initially, the bus hit another car and continued its journey at high speed, after which the vehicle crashed.

The accident happened around 3:30 am on Kolonel Silvertopstraat at the intersection with Generaal Armstrongweg and Sint-Bernardsesteenweg. The bus with British people was probably on its way to the Eurostar in Calais after a visit to Jewish families in Antwerp. On Sint-Bernardsesteenweg, the bus hit another car but did not stop and continued its journey at high speed.

“The driver of the BMW drove after the bus but stopped when he saw a police squad. The man told about the collision on which the police patrol went after the bus. When the patrol arrived at the intersection of Sint-Bernardsesteenweg with Generaal Armstrongweg, the bus was already lying on its side,” said Wouter Bruyns of the Antwerp police.

Presumably the driver lost control of the wheel due to the high speed when he wanted to turn towards the Antwerp ring road. In the middle of the lane, he grazed on a pole of the tram line and then flipped over.

A few minutes before the fatal accident, the British bus had a minor collision with a BMW. © Marc DeRoeck

“The medical intervention plan has been announced. Most of the passengers suffered minor injuries but were taken to hospital for treatment. One child is seriously injured. For the driver, all help came too late. He died on the spot,” said Bruyns.

Jewish families

Medical intervention teams from various hospitals came to the scene during the relief efforts. They received assistance from the Hatzoloh ambulance service, which helps people with respect for Jewish religious regulations.

The Antwerp public prosecutor’s office will send an expert to the spot. Traffic from the city towards Sint-Bernardsteenweg and Emiel Vloorstraat will remain impossible for the time being. Trams are also affected by the accident.

Emergency services from several hospitals arrived on the scene.

Emergency services from several hospitals arrived on the scene. © Marc DeRoeck

There were 19 passengers on the bus.

There were 19 passengers on the bus. © Marc DE Roeck