British government to extend powers to ‘stop boats once and for all’ | Abroad

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak wants to put an end to “immoral” illegal migration. His government is therefore gearing up to unveil new powers to crack down on small boats crossing the Channel.

The legislation was due to come into force on Tuesday and will reportedly make asylum applications from people traveling to Britain in small boats inadmissible. The Interior Minister would then be required to send anyone who arrives “within an acceptable period of time” to Rwanda or another “safe third country”. Those due will also not be allowed to apply for asylum in the UK and there are plans to ban them from ever returning.

According to Sunak, the new powers are a step towards his promise to “stop the boats once and for all”. “Illegal migration is not fair to the British taxpayer, it is not fair to those who come here legally and it is not good for criminal gangs to continue their immoral trade,” the prime minister told The Mail on Sunday.

According to the latest figures from the Ministry of the Interior, 2,950 migrants have already crossed the Channel this year. Sunak is under considerable pressure from his own constituency to tackle illegal migration. However, the plans are also criticized because the question arises whether the plans are compatible with the European Convention on Human Rights.