Bridget Maasland hands out a major reprimand to Jaimie Vaes, Lil Kleine’s abused ex-girlfriend. The presenter of RTL Boulevard believes that she is unnecessarily provoking the harness rapper.

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    Jaimie Vaes and Jorik Scholten, as Lil Kleine is really called, have a son together: Lío. Since she is dating again – she has recently started a relationship with Afshin Momadi – the boy now also has a stepfather. And those two get along very well, Jaimie showed last weekend in a story on Instagram.

    Very painful

    It is painful for Jorik to see his son playing with his new stepfather, he says off camera to a reporter from RTL Boulevard. “We asked Jorik how he looked at last week’s post from Jaimie, in which their son had a great time with her new boyfriend,” says expert Rob Goossens.

    He continues: “Jorik says about this: ‘I haven’t seen it myself, because I don’t follow Jaimie anymore’, but you will of course get something like that forwarded. He said very honestly that he found it very painful to see.”

    Bridget critical

    Bridget Maasland doesn’t think it’s too picky of Jaimie either. “Just here at the desk: this isn’t very convenient to post images like this, is it? This is a small child.”

    Rob: “Well, yes indeed. When I see Jaimie doing things like this, I always think: this is just to get the blood under Jorik’s nails.”

    Luuk Ikink: “A bit provoking.”

    Rob: “Yes, exactly. So unfortunately it works. Somehow Jorik also deserves to be provoked like this.”

    Bridget sternly: “It should never go over the back of a child. I actually want to say more with it.”

    woman swatter

    Jorik spoke to Boulevard at the much-discussed premiere party of Tino Martin, where the rapper also gave Samantha Steenwijk a hug. There is much criticism of the fact that celebrities suddenly run away again with Jorik, who is known to many people as a woman swatter.

    Rob: “It kind of feels as if Tino’s management is now like: maybe we shouldn’t have invited him, but it’s really not that they thought: well, we’re going to invite a woman swatter.”

    Not out anymore

    Was Jorik also asked about the most recent assault he would have been involved in? Yes. “Jorik did not fully go into that, but he did say that his father advised him not to go out anymore, because then you won’t get any stories afterwards.”

    “So we will no longer see Jorik in the nightlife for the time being.”