Bridget Maasland sick to her feet John de Bever: ‘Góór!’

Bridget Maasland really gets sick of John de Bever’s feet. She finds his foot care to be of an abysmal level and is particularly disgusted by his fungal nails. “Disgusting!”


There was a really strange fragment in Shownieuws this week. The program had some silly conversation at John de Bever’s house and at one point the singer said he had something wrong with his ankle. What does the cameraman do? This brings the singer’s feet into view. Feet that are not covered in socks at that moment…

‘Really gross’

In other words: we got to see John’s naked poop. And those aren’t exactly cute feet. Or, as Bridget Maasland calls it The BLVD Podcast, ‘something terribly gross’. “I understand that John de Bever finds it difficult to undergo fungal nail treatment. I immediately see Schimpie, do you remember that commercial?”

Schimpie is a brand that broadcast unsavory advertisements to draw attention to their nail fungus pen. Well, they can send John a whole pencil case. “He has very nasty fungal nails. Really terrible,” says colleague Rob Goossens.

Trauma therapy

Bridget doesn’t understand why John neglects his feet so much. “You’ll take that away, won’t you?”

Rob: “Yes.”

Bridget: “Why doesn’t he do that?”

Rob: “Yes, and if someone doesn’t remove it, first show a warning on television that you will definitely need trauma therapy after seeing the images. It was really… I’m certainly not going to recommend people to watch, but imagine very nasty fungal nails and that would be ten times worse.”

50 years of lime

Colleague Eric de Munck participates in Beaver bashing. He shouts: “But you have fungal nails and fungal nails. This was just 50 years’ worth of lime. It was just that you think: there has never been a file or anything or scissors involved in this.”

Bridget: “Is he afraid to cut?”

Eric: “I don’t know, but it looked like no one had ever looked at it before. He also goes swimming sometimes, I assume? Or outside? Yeah, no idea.”

‘Wear socks!’

Bridget can no longer see the images. “I don’t dare look at them again after you said it. But we do advise him to either leave the socks on or just do something about it.”

Rob: “I think he has already booked Ahoy for this year. I would indeed go to the doctor with that advance.”

Eric: “Yuck!”

Bridget: “I think it’s gross.”