Breaking news for Alişan and Buse Varol! Advertising offers poured in

Alişan, who got married to Buse Varol in 2018 and took her son Burak in her arms a year later and her daughter Eliz in 2021, lost her brother Selçuk Tektaş in July 2021 due to coronavirus.

Alişan, 45, struggled to recover after the death of his brother, who was also his manager. When this situation began to affect his wife, Buse Varol, a crisis broke out in their marriage.


The birthday sharing of Alişan-Buse Varol couple, who celebrated their daughter Eliz’s first birthday separately on February 6, confused them and it was claimed that the couple was in the divorce phase.

Alişan cut a cake for her daughter Eliz at her mother’s house. Grandmother Suzan Tektaş, grandfather Mehmet Tektaş, Selçuk Tektaş’s wife Merve Tektaş, their daughters Ceylan and Eyşan were present at the celebration.


The absence of Buse Varol in the family photos shared by Alişan was remarkable. Buse Varol said, “I was not invited to the house”. It was also claimed that the couple, who had decided to separate after all this, started legal proceedings.


The famous couple, who had dark clouds over their happy marriage with two children, overcame the crisis between them in the past weeks and came back from the brink of divorce. According to the news of Posta newspaper; Alişan’s mother, Suzan Tektaş, is still angry with her daughter-in-law, Buse Varol, for her behavior in this process.

It was even claimed that Tektaş did not forgive his bride and kept a distance. It is said that Alişan is now trying to melt the ice between her mother and her husband.


Alişan and Buse Varol were spotted holding hands in a shopping mall last week. Varol remained silent in the face of the reporters’ questions. Alişan announced that they had overcome the problems with the words “Leave us to us, we’ll take care of it”, we said, and we did it!

When the reconciliation of the duo, who did not fall into the headlines with the divorce process, was also on the agenda; Alişan and Buse Varol have become the favorites of companies. According to the news of the calendar, the couple made an agreement immediately when the advertisement offers poured in.

100 thousand TL!

The couple, who will participate in the promotion of the new collection in a store in Güneşli, received 100 thousand TL in return for this advertisement visit. “Peace has come fruitfully” comments were made for the duo, who received advertising offers from many companies.