Breaking Beşiktaş news: Galatasaray warning to players from Önder Karaveli!

Beşiktaş coach Önder Karaveli analyzed the yellow-reds while following the UEFA Europa League match between Galatasaray and Barcelona on Monday with his team.

According to the news in Milliyet, Karaveli emphasized that Cimbom, who had a goalless draw with the Spanish giant on the road, was motivated very differently for big games, and said, “Don’t be fooled by our opponent’s situation in the league. “They concentrate differently and come out. That’s why we have to be very careful and make our final preparations accordingly.”

Emphasizing that Galatasaray has always been a very strong opponent, the technical boss of the black-and-white team said, “Our job is not easy at all. How does our opponent play big matches with a different understanding, we should do the same. The atmosphere of derbies has always been different. That’s why we are careful, If we play without mistakes, we can leave the field with the result we want,” he said.