Brazil warns Spain with a beating of Iran


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They crushed a much inferior Iran (59-100) and sent a warning message to Spain, with whom they will fight for the first place in Group G

The only negative news for Brazil was the injury to Raulzinho Neto, Cleveland Cavaliers point guard who had to be stretchered directly to the locker room

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Iranian, 59

(12+13+21+13): Behnam Yakhchali (7), Piter Girgoorian (4), Arsalan Kazemi (6), Matin Aghajanpour (11), Hasan Aliakbari (3) -initial team- Aghamiri (5), Amini ( 4), Ehaddadi (10), Mashayekhi (5), Mirzaei (0), Razeifar (2), Vahedi (2).

Brazil, 100

(33+24+25+18): Caboclo (16), Meindl (9), Neto (8), Soares (13), Yago (14) -initial team- Benite (12), de Paula (3), Dias (8), Dos Anjos (1), Felicio (2), Huertas (10) and Gui Santos (4).


Julio Anaya (Panama), Aleksandar Glisic (Serbia) and Saigo Urushima (Japan). no deleted


match of the first day of Group G of the 2023 Basketball World Cup, played at the Indonesia Arena in Jakarta (Indonesia)

The World Cup debut for Marcelinho Huertas’ Brazil could not have been better at the Indonesia Arena in Jakartain which they crushed a much inferior Iran (59-100) and sent a warning message to Spain, with which they will fight for the first place in Group G.

It was clear that Spain and Brazil were going to be the teams that would fight for first place in the first group stage, but Brazil wanted to make it clear from the first exchange that they do not want to be left out in the second phase either, in which Group G will meet Canada and, if Latvia does not prevent it with a surprisewith a France that came out very badly in its debut against the Canadians.

The ‘seleçao’ jumped determined not to take the first clash as a contact in which to go from less to more. And specifically Bruno Caboclo, Ratiopharm Ulm forward, walked around during the first quarter doing and undoing as he pleased on the Indonesian parquet with the help of his teammate Yago dos Santos. With his 2.08m, it was Caboclo who was the center of attention and the one who ran over Iran unceremoniously with the first 10 points of the game and with several rebounds that nullified Iran’s offensive game.

Brazil superiority

Brazil’s superiority was indisputable, so much so that they went on to accumulate a 14-0 run in the first quarter that he already sentenced the game (33-12) and that was enough to send the notice to Scariolo and his coaching staff, meeting at the concentration hotel watching the game.

The team led by De Conti took their foot off the accelerator in the second quarter, and even so it was not reflected on the scoreboard, with a +11 in 10 minutes in which Leo Meindl, Fuenlabrada forward, picked up the baton from a Caboclo who, yes, ended up being the top scorer with 16 points and the top rebounder, with 7.

The only negative news for Brazil was the injury to Raulzinho Neto, point guard of the Cleveland Cavaliers who had to be taken on a stretcher directly to the locker room after a rough drive to the basket in which a bad gesture with his left knee prevented him from continuing.

brazilian absolute control

Brazil continued with the inertia of the first two quarters and in the second half, almost without forcing, maintained the constant advantage against the inoffensive and evicted Iran, with a frustrated Hammed Haddadi, the first and only Iranian player in NBA history.

Brazil, with Caboclo and Yago as leading figures, and with Marcelinho Huertas as top assistant, presented their credentials in this Group G that they share with Spain, to which they have already sent their first notice. This Monday, both teams will meet for first place, provided that Spain meets the Ivory Coast.