Ex-heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua’s management is still working to set up the fight against WBC champion Tyson Fury. However, AJ’s camp will not meet the deadline set by the “Gypsy King”, as promoter Eddie Hearn explained late Thursday evening.

    “We’re pretty confused,” Hearn explained in the “BBC” interviewafter Fury once again commented in a video on Thursday about a possible duel with Anthony Joshua and independently extended the deadline that originally expired on Monday – until Thursday evening.

    “What we hear on social media is different from the things we hear in negotiations,” Hearn said, accusing the “Gypsy King” of spreading untruths. So what exactly has happened in the last few days?

    “After we agreed on the framework conditions, it took nine days before we got the contract, so we didn’t have it for 14 days,” Hearn contradicted the WBC world champion, who recently repeatedly scolded that AJ had the paper two weeks and refuse to sign.

    The promoter described the entire past week as having been in exchange to bring the deal closer: “On Monday we sent back our final version of the contract. That was the day on which he [Fury] announced that the fight had broken off.”

    Despite Fury’s public refusal, negotiations continued behind the scenes, Joshua’s promoter explained. “Yesterday they sent us their opinion on our final proposal and said they wanted to speak to Tyson. And today he’s coming [Fury] out and say, ‘You have until today!'” Hearn said, adding, “The contract isn’t going to be signed today.”

    Hearn: “I think Fury wants to fight Charr”

    He would not and could not blame either side for wanting to put on the “biggest fight in boxing”, Hearn explained the tough negotiations: “The only thing I can hold against us is that we don’t know where we are. One minute the fight is set, the next it’s cancelled, one minute he’s resigned, the next he’s fighting Mahmoud Charr… I don’t know. We’re doing our best to make it happen .”

    It’s moving in a “positive direction” with a rival promoter group it’s never done business with before, Hearn noted. “It’s good news. But the deal isn’t being signed today. Though I think so too not that we’re miles away.”

    While he still hopes for the Battle of Britain, “I really don’t know if Tyson Fury wants this fight. I think he wants to fight Mahmoud Charr on December 3. But I don’t think anyone else wants this fight so hopefully we can move in the right direction.”