Boundless Betrayal: a Netflix film from today: ‘Tastes for more’

The Drenthe war film Boundless Betrayal of South East Drenthe Film (ZOD film) is on Netflix. The film production by Emmenaar and director Thomas Nauw premiered in March. As of today, the film can be seen for the first time on the streaming service.

Nauw is pleased with the release of Boundless Betrayal on Netflix: “This week was also published Band of Brothers, one of my favorite war series on Netflix. It’s so great to be there with our film. We also got a lot of inspiration from that for this film. Then the circle is really complete. This tastes like more.”

The idea for the film was conceived in 2018 and cameras started rolling in 2019. Corona initially threw a spanner in the works, but the filming for the film had largely already been completed. The film was then finished, but then Dutch Filmworks came knocking. He wanted to release the film in the cinema.

“Dutch Filmworks is the main supplier of Dutch films to Netflix,” Nauw explains. “They offered the film and it was positively received. I saw the trailer for the American release and then you realize that it is really serious.” In addition to America, the film is released on Netflix in more than forty countries.

When Nauw and his film crew were working on the recording of Grenzeloos Verraad, they secretly dreamed of a release on the world’s largest streaming service. “The majority of the budget has gone into technology. Netflix uses its own technical standard. We have chosen to tailor the cameras to this,” he says.

Anyone who has seen Boundless Betrayal in the cinema can see a tribute to Guy Nauw at the end of the film. Guy is the younger brother of director Thomas who died in 2022.

“The best thing for me is that the tribute to my brother can also be seen on Netflix. I am very happy with that. He himself would have loved it that it could be seen on Netflix,” says Nauw.

Together with Peter Nillessen, who plays the leading role in Grenzeloos Verraad, Nauw is working on a new Drenthe war film. They are currently writing a script together and developing a scenario. “The first film was made with a very small budget of 300,000 euros, this film should be almost twice as expensive. We hope to be able to use larger sets and dream of using artificial intelligence,” Nauw reveals.

The new war film by the duo Nauw and Nillessen will not be released until the film year 2025-2026 at the earliest.