“Boundaries exceeded”: Essen’s Felix Götze stunned by some Dynamo fans

As of: February 26, 2024 2:18 p.m

Rot-Weiss Essen’s Felix Götze sharply criticized the behavior of some Dynamo supporters after the third division game at Dynamo Dresden. After his head injury, he was “insulted and spat on.” In a reaction on Monday, Dynamo Dresden apologized for “unsightly scenes” on the sidelines.

Felix Götze, brother of the former World Cup winning goalscorer Mario, was stunned by the events at his club’s third division soccer game Rot-Weiss Essen at Dynamo Dresden (2:2) Reacts. “Yesterday I cried for the first time in my football career. Not because of the pain, but because it was humiliating to be insulted, spat at and thrown at with my face bleeding and in shock. There are limits and unfortunately they were exceeded yesterday,” Götze wrote on Sunday (February 25, 2024) on Instagram.

The 26-year-old was taken off the pitch on a stretcher on Saturday with a bleeding laceration. He was then bid farewell with shouts of “goodbye” from the Dynamo fan block. The paramedics also had to protect him from projectiles from the curve with umbrellas.

Götze: “There is a person in every jersey!”

“I love this sport and I appreciate all the fans, because without you football wouldn’t be what it is,” Götze continued: “But, despite all the emotions, certain limits simply cannot be exceeded – that was unfortunately the case yesterday . There is a person in every jersey that is worn down on the pitch!” Götze was injured during a rescue operation shortly before the end. He collided with Jakob Lemmer from Dresden and was then carried off the pitch with a laceration.

“Further investigations fortunately revealed no abnormalities,” wrote RW Essen on Instagram on Sunday. Götze turned to his helpers: “A big thank you also to all the carers and doctors who looked after me in Dresden yesterday.”

Felix Götze (right) collided with Dresden’s Jakob Lemmer (left).

Dynamo apologizes: “Reactions do not correspond to our attitude”

In a statement from Monday afternoon (February 26, 2024), Dynamo Dresden apologized for the “unsightly scenes on the sidelines”. David Fischer, Managing Director of Communications at Dynamo, is quoted in the statement as saying: “The reactions that have occurred do not correspond to the attitude that we as a sports community want to stand for. Despite all the sporting rivalry, in every situation, especially when players are injured, the The focus is on the idea of ​​fair play on and off the pitch. As anchored in our mission statement, we want to act respectfully, humanely and fairly. We would like to take this opportunity to expressly apologize to Felix Götze for the incidents and hope that he will be able to recover after treatment “The hospital is in good health again.”