Botched series: Special request: nipples and belly button removed

Baker Keith also wants to get rid of his navel.

Keith hopes to be able to tattoo every inch of his body. Illustration picture. Hemis / Alamy Stock Photo

A baker tattooed up to his eyes Keith, 31, wants something very special in Yankee reality. Botched: Plastic surgeons from the series Botched Beauty Surgery Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif receive a man who wishes to have his nipples and navel removed.

Dubrow and Nassif’s jaws drop when they hear Keith’s story.

– I want to get rid of my nipples and my navel, Keith reveals, and both surgeons gasp.

In his own opinion, Keith, who is fond of scar tattoos, has rational reasons for his wish. He wants more space on his body for tattoos. He already has more than a thousand stamps, but it’s still not enough.

Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow have never removed their nipples or navel, and they still don’t. Shutterstock, All Over Press

Terry believes that removing the navel in itself is nothing, and yes, you could get rid of the nipples relatively easily. But the operation is still not a piece of cake.

– Amputating healthy tissue is not in our comfort zone, Terry states.

– If you find a surgeon who is ready for these removals, there is something wrong with that surgeon, he gives his professional opinion while making it clear that Keith’s wish cannot be fulfilled in the TV series.

According to Terry, Keith will have to wait until removing the nipples and belly button is generally accepted in the US. Now it isn’t.

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