Bosz wants revenge on Feyenoord and then celebrates that victory with a big cigar

PSV can take a giant step towards the title against Feyenoord this Sunday. Peter Bosz will have to do some puzzling in the run-up to the top match because Joey Veerman and Ismael Saibari will probably not be able to participate. The trainer hopes to checkmate the biggest competitor on Sunday and then celebrate in a special way.

PSV and Feyenoord meet for the fourth time this season. This match has already been played three times in Rotterdam. The last time the Eindhoven team lost to Feyenoord in the cup and that still bothers Peter Bosz a month and a half later. “We lost in a certain way,” he said, referring to a penalty that was not given. “We now want to take revenge for that. That’s why we are sportsmen.”

But PSV not only wants revenge but also an advance on the title. If they win against their direct competitor on Sunday, the Eindhoven club will have a lead of thirteen points. Although Peter Bosz doesn’t consider himself rich, he will celebrate a possible victory.

“Then I’m going to light a big cigar.”

“Then I’m going to light a big cigar. I really enjoy that sometimes. But I would like to say that of course we are not yet champions. But we can hurt a direct competitor.”

In the hunt for a victory, Peter Bosz still has to do some puzzling because he probably won’t be able to call on Joey Veerman and Ismael Saibari on Sunday. Both midfielders are injured. But according to Bosz, these are minor injuries and the Champions League match against Dortmund does not seem to be in danger. Feyenoord comes too early for Saibari. There is still a small glimmer of hope about Veerman.

“Babadi has come to me for an interview.”

Due to the injuries to the two midfielders, a spot seems to become available for Isaac Babadi, with whom PSV has been negotiating a new contract for a long time. White smoke is expected in the very short term. Peter Bosz played an important role in this.

“I waited for him to come to me to have a conversation. That was last week. Then he asked for a moment. I have an interest so that’s why I waited for him because he has to make a decision. It was a good conversation, because I wanted to say quite a lot of things to him. We finally outlined the perspective to him. Hopefully we can deliver good news soon.”


Earlier this year, Babadi was transferred back to Jong PSV