Borrell: also with foreign ministers, sanctions breakthrough uncertain

Borrell: also with foreign ministers, breakthrough sanctions uncertain

Even now that foreign ministers are discussing the stalemate over an EU embargo on Russian oil in Brussels, a breakthrough is not assured, says the European Union’s foreign affairs chief. “The positions are pretty firm.”

Almost two weeks ago, the European Commission proposed to EU countries a new package of sanctions against Russia, including an oil boycott. After strong resistance from a handful of member states that are heavily dependent on oil from Russia, they have been offered some respite. But that is not enough for at least Hungary.

“I cannot guarantee that it will happen” now that the foreign ministers of the EU countries are meeting in Brussels to discuss, among other things, the new sanctions, foreign chief Josep Borrell said before the start. “We will do our best to unblock the situation.”

Borrell draws attention to the difficult situation in which countries such as Hungary are located, which are not accessible for alternative supplies by oil tanker, for example. “My job is not to blame anyone, but to find agreement.”