Boomerissima: guests of the last episode, 5 December, on Rai 2

Lhe challenge between Boomers and Millennials is in its final rush. Tonight at 9.20pm on Rai 2 the last episode of is airing Very booming by Alessia Marcuzzi. A final clash – to the sound of music and cult moments – to establish which of the two generations has experienced the best moments.

Alessia Marcuzzi crazy about Madonna: launches a challenge on social media for

Very boomingthe guests of the last episode

Carlo Conti arrives in the studio – Rai announces – for a «surprise moment» still unknown. An exchange of favors with Alessia Marcuzzi’s guest at Such and such show as a special judge and to present the new season of Very booming.

Romina Power also participates in the episode in the role of the episode’s Myth, as already done previously by Amanda Lear, Paola & Chiara, Cristiano Malgioglio and Loredana Bertè. TO Very booming tells his story by retracing the most important stages of his career. Also finding his daughter again in the cast of the show.

Romina has been missing from TV for some time, in recent seasons she has been a guest on Sunday In it’s at Today is another day (hosted by Serena Bortone). The last participation as a regular guest dates back to Friends of Maria De Filippi 2020 – next to Al Bano.

“Boomerissima”, Alessia Marcuzzi. (Getty Images)

Emis Killa and Ivana Spagna arrive

Conti and Power are not the only guests of the last episode. THE supporters of the two competing teams are Ivana Spagna for the Boomers and Emis Killa for the Millennials. Ivana Spagna returns to Rai 2 after the interview given to Francesca Fagnani in the penultimate episode of Beasts 2023.

Emis Killa, real name Emiliano Rudolf Giambelli, reappears on Rai 2 seven years after participating in The Voice Of Italy from coach together with Raffaella Carrà, Dolcenera and Max Pezzali. Also on her CV Goal Deejay on Sky Sports, Miss Italy 2014, MTV Spit 3 until participation in Good or bad in 2021 on Italia 1. A Very booming brings a medley of his most famous songs.

The two teams competing

For the Boomers there are Francesca Barra, Roberta Capua, Francesca Fialdini, Riccardo Rossi and Valeria Marini. Barra is a regular guest at Life livewhile Capua returns to video after the loss of her mother, Marisa Jossa, Miss Italy 1959, who passed away at the age of 85.

Francesca Fialdini is one of the faces of Sunday afternoon on Rai 1. In fact, he has been leading since 2019 With us… freewheeling. It is also on Rai 3 with Hungry for lovehe led We need a flower And The girls. Riccardo Rossi come back later The Masked Singer 2022 And Only Fun – Comedy show. In the end, Valeria Marini, already in the cast of Such and such show 2022 – where he delighted with surreal performances that have become cult – And The Masked Singer 2023.

The Millennial team is made up of Romina Carrisi, Ciro Immobile, Jessica Melena, Gabriele Vagnato and…Emis Killa. Romina Carrisi, after being part of the cast of Today is another dayis now pregnant with her first child. Ciro Immobile, born in 1990, is the Captain of the national football team as well as a striker for Lazio. Since 2014 he has been married to Jessica Melena, with whom he has four children.

Who is Gabriele Vagnato, from Long live Rai2! to Very booming

Gabriele Vagnato closes the Millennial team. Born in 2001 in Asti and raised in Catanzaro, he began his career during his adolescence. YouTube, Instagram, TikTok. The community has grown until television noticed him and made him debut at a very young age Tonedhosted by Andrea Delogu.

It was 2022 and a few months later alongside Elenoire Casalegno and Aurora Ramazzotti LOVE ME in the role of envoy. In October he leads with Lillo LOL generationthe spin-off of LOL – Whoever laughs is out. The exploit arrives in autumn, when Fiorello enlists him as a correspondent Long live Rai 2!.

In 2023 he returns to LOVE MEthis time co-hosting with Max Angioni and Mariasole Pollioand leads Italian Festival with Carolina Di Domenico on TV2000 on the occasion of World Youth Day. In the end, appears in two episodes of The Jackal series Small fish – An agency. Lots of ideas. Little budgeton Prime Video.