Excellent start for the Tuscans who come close to scoring with Lammers. At 75 ‘comes the goal of the midfielder on an assist from Henderson. Arnautovic’s post and Zirkzee’s crossbar in the 90th minute

    Thiago Motta’s debut on the Bologna bench is bitter, beaten at home by Empoli with a goal from Bandinelli in the 75th minute. Excellent start for the Tuscans, close to scoring twice with Lammers. Bologna tries to bite with Orsolini without breaking through. In the second half the entries of Dominguez and Kasius raise the pace of the hosts who, however, do not break through. And in their best moment they concede the goal to the Tuscans. Immediately afterwards Arnautovic hits the post with his head and in the 90th minute Zirkzee takes the crossbar from a step. It ends 0-1.

    the match

    First opportunity for Empoli, with Lammers’ header that Skorpuski raises for a corner. Immediately after the goalkeeper must save his foot on Satriano, freed from a mistake by Cambiaso. It is then Posch who loses the ball and throws Lammers, with Skorupski who throws himself on the attacker’s feet and takes the ball from him. Then Orsolini lights up, who engages Vicar twice and then heads badly to the side. Orsolini tries again in acrobatics, but the goalkeeper of the Tuscans is careful. We go to the break at 0-0. Bologna starts strong in the second half and finds the penalty for Stojanovic’s handball but the Var detects an offside earlier. It is then Arnautovic who does not find the head target. At 75 ‘Empoli passes: Henderson goes away on the right, ball in the middle and Bandinelli touches an unguarded goal. A moment later Arnautovic nearly equalized, hitting the post in the scrum. Zirkzee enters and at 90 ‘takes the crossbar in full. It’s the ultimate thrill.

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