Status: 09/17/2022 4:57 p.m

    The goals in the 30th and 41st minute paved the way for the 3-1 (2-0) win in the 2nd Bundesliga against the promoted team. While the North Germans scored three times again after the last three defeats and are placed in midfield, the FCM is second to bottom in the table with only seven points.

    In the 62nd minute, Lukas Fröde (62nd) made it 3-0, with the referee giving the goal after a video decision. In the 84th minute, Rostock’s goalkeeper Markus Kolke parried a weak penalty kick from Baris Atik, which, however, made the final score in the 90’+4′. In the 38th minute, Pröger had had another good chance for the Mecklenburg team.

    Magdeburg misses an early lead

    However, Magdeburg could have taken the lead in the 17th minute, Rostock’s Lukas Scherff prevented the goal. Amara Conde released Luca Schuler, Kolke deflected the ball, Scherff headed the ball to the crossbar during his save and Kolke then brought the bouncing ball under control.

    Rostock’s Lukas Hinterseer (22nd) also had the 1-0 on his feet, but could not overcome keeper Dominik Reimann. Four minutes later, Kolke defused a shot by Moritz Kwarteng. FCM played well and had their chances, but FC Hansa were much more efficient in scoring. Svante Ingelsson (59th) already had the opportunity to make it 3-0, but Reimann was on the ball.

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    Rostock now in Kiel

    On the 10th match day, FC Hansa Rostock is challenged away at Holstein Kiel (Saturday, October 1st, 2022 at 1 p.m.). The promoted team from Magdeburg welcomes SSV Jahn Regensburg a day later (1.30 p.m.).