Bob: Spies demands higher pay for coaches in Germany

Status: 01/10/2023 07:30 a.m

From the point of view of Bob head coach René Spies, coaches in German sport are often not paid adequately. If this development continues, he sees a danger.

Head trainer RenĂ© Spies wants to prevent the best trainers in Germany being poached and therefore demands better pay. This is the only way to maintain the top level in the future. “You can see in different sports, and we don’t have to look far, when Georg Hackl goes abroad, it becomes very difficult to keep German coaches in the German system, because internationally much, much more is paid,” said Germany’s coach of the year on the sidelines of the World Cup in Winterberg from the German Press Agency.

Spies emphasized: “We’re not talking about 10, 20, 30 percent, but about 200 and 300 percent in some cases. That’s the way it is with our sports. And that’s with nations that aren’t even among the top 4 nations.”

Spies: “Not adequate pay”

Spies had already warned of a wrong development at the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing, where his team won a total of seven medals in February. Nothing has happened since then. “At the moment there is no salary adjustment for coaches. It’s a fundamental problem, which extends from base coaches to national coaches. For me, it’s still the case that there is no adequate payment for German coaches,” said the 49-year-old, who was honored by the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) as coach of the year 2022.

Tobogganing success coach Norbert Loch is also familiar with the dilemma. After the loss of Hackl to the Austrian association, he had to fight for Patric Leitner to stay, who also had better offers abroad. “We can’t regenerate this money through sponsors. We can only do that to a limited extent,” said Loch, who won four gold and two silver medals in Beijing.