Blundering Mathew Ryan leads to AZ’s draw

AZ did not manage to beat FC Utrecht. Vangelis Pavlidis scored the 0-1 just before half time, but immediately in the second half it became 1-1 through Victor Jensen. Goalkeeper Mathew Ryan did not look good with the equalizer. Due to the draw, AZ does not benefit from Feyenoord’s defeat against PSV.

Riechiedly Bazoer had not emerged unscathed from the battle against Zrinsjki Mostar. He was replaced in the heart of the defense by Alexandre Penetra. Despite the absence of Bazoer, AZ was the parent party in Utrecht. Ernest Poku came out dangerously and found goalkeeper Vasilios Barkas in his way.

This also applied to David Møller Wolfe a little later. FC Utrecht seemed to get a penalty against the odds. Penetra floored Isac Lidberg, but the VAR stopped that. Vangelis Pavlidis scored the opening goal just before half-time. He pushed Møller Wolfe’s cross against the ropes: 1-0.

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AZ’s good feeling was quickly thrown into the trash bin after the break. That was mainly due to goalkeeper Mathew Ryan. He saved Othman Boussaid’s first shot, with some effort. But Victor Jensen’s bet was spot on: 1-1. The goal gave Utrecht wings, but they didn’t press enough.

Mats Seuntjens (former AZ) created a threat a few times. After the bad phase, AZ came out of their shell a little more and Poku was dangerous with two shots. Substitute Jens Toornstra seemed to make the evening sour for AZ, but nothing turned out to be further from the truth. It remained 1-1 in Utrecht.

AZ remains third in the Premier League on goal difference. The remainder of the abandoned match against NEC will be played on Wednesday from 9 p.m.

AZ setup: Ryan; Sugawara, Penetra, Martins Indi, Møller Wolfe (Kasius/70); Clasie, Dantas (D. De Wit/70), Mihailovic (Goudmijn/87); Poku, Pavlidis (Odgaard/87), Van Bommel (Van Brederode/70)