Blue Tomato is expanding in Italy

The Austrian sporting goods retailer Blue Tomato GmbH is expanding in Italy. After the company opened its first store in the country in Trento in May 2023, three more stores were added over the past year. Blue Tomato chose the northern Italian cities of Milan, Udine and Bergamo as locations.

Tillmann Ruprecht, Director of Sales & Service at Blue Tomato, commented on the recent openings: “We are very pleased about the warm welcome to the new locations and also about how noticeable the enthusiasm of our new teams, customers and the community is “, he explained in a statement. “We still see a lot of potential in Italy to give more people access to our brands, our products and Blue Tomato.”

The interior of the Blue Tomato store in Bergamo Credits: Blue Tomato

Founded in 1988, the company says it is “one of the world’s largest online retailers in the snowboard, freeski, surf, skateboard and street style sectors”. Thanks to numerous new openings in recent years, Blue Tomato now has more than 85 stores in Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Norway and Finland.