Blitz Vega: Debut album announced in honor of Andy Rourke

Blitz Vega will release their debut NORTHERN GENTLEMAN on April 26th, which also featured Rourke.

Andy Rourke died of pancreatic cancer on May 19, 2023 at the age of 59. To honor him, his former band Blitz Vega announced their debut album NORTHERN GENTLEMAN on what would have been Rourke’s 60th birthday. On January 17, 2024 he would have been a year older. Blitz Vega’s record will be released on April 26, 2024.

Kav Sandhu promised Rourke to release the record

Kav Sandhu announced NORTHERN GENTLEMAN on According to reports from NME, Sandhu described the debut album in a statement as “a diary of the last seven years of the journey Andy, the band and I embarked on to record this music as Blitz Vega.” Each of the songs would tell a special story and evoke memories for the British native.

“I hear his voice in my head, echoing everything we talked about when we recorded the song. I see his face smiling at me. On my last trip back to LA a few weeks ago, I drove to the studio and it felt like Andy was sitting there with me, like he had done so many times, talking about music, just excited about this album make. So all the songs mean the world to me.”

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Andy Rourke and Kav Sandhu founded Blitz Vega in 2016, and their first music was released in 2019. About the future of the band, Sanhu explained that he wanted to take it one step at a time. He is currently not ruling out a tour either.