TO midnight – and when else? – the first evening of San Remo Festival 2023 decides to give us the first moment of the “beautiful live broadcast”. Even if beautiful, the show that was given to us had very little. Blancoafter a duet with Mahmood on the notes of Chillshe reappeared on stage alone to sing The island of roses, his new single. But she hasn’t reckoned with a glitch, which caused the audio to disappear after the first few chords.

    Blanco’s madness. (IPA)

    By sheer bad luck, Amadeus – momentarily back in the dressing room – he didn’t immediately notice the crime and could not interrupt the performance.

    Blanco smashes the stage, the buu of the audience

    Blanco is like mad with rage and – after vainly pointing to the earphones to make the director understand that something was wrong – he began to literally destroy the vases of roses at the edge of the stage, kicking them and scattering cut flowers everywhere. And you know well what the flowers of Sanremo meanfor the city ​​itself and for themusical event.

    After a few minutes, the stage was a mess, and it was not immediately clear if those roses brutally thrown on stage were fruit of a real anger or a (strange) performance.

    Well, it was clear immediately afterwards: Blanco, once his (non) performance was over, explained that «music is music, you don’t necessarily have to follow a pattern» and that «I would have smashed the vases anywayWhy the voice wasn’t right and I thought: at least now I’m having fun». And he had fun, in his own way.

    Blanco launches the vases of roses. (IPA)

    Amadeus maintains his calm, with difficulty, and proposes to the artist – welcomed by a series of “booohs” from the still astonished audience – to sing again lateronce the problems are resolved.

    The public, however, strongly opposes this proposal, contesting a second round by Blanco. “Let’s hope you didn’t like what you saw and I understand thatbut if you want to go back to singing at the end of the competition you are welcome».

    Amadeus invites Blanco to return (but he won’t return)

    Invitation accepted by Blanco, who replies that he would come back “willinglyI also sing alone, I sing because I like music», and always leaving shortly after amid the roars of the audience. Half an hour later, though, Amadeus will inform that Blanco will never sing again Why “the conditions are missing».

    Moments of embarrassment for Amadeus, who joins Blanco on stage. (IPA)

    Surrounded by cleaning men and women, brooms in hand, Amadeus reflects on the evening, resigned: «And it seems to you that nothing had happened so far. Have you seen this mess, there must be a reason, the “scabarabba” started“, he said.

    «It was from the times of Bugo and Morgan…», he added, «but at least it was there too Fiorellowhile now Gianni is calming down Blanco».

    And Morandi sweeps the stage

    A little later, he also arrives on stage Morandi with the broom to clean up the mess. And Amadeus’ reflection continues: «They are boys … But believe me, this is the beauty of the live broadcast: everything is fine for a while, but as soon as one thing goes wrong, everything goes wrong…».

    And Morandi echoes him: «The evening was beautiful, but tomorrow you bet everyone will be talking about this mess?”. Oh yes Gianni: it’s the beautiful / ugly of the direct.