Bizarrap and the Argentine National Team

Chosen among the “100 most creative in the business world” by the magazine Forbes of Spain, Bizarrap He has applied his marketing to reap likes beyond music, establishing ties with soccer. in the parisian “Parque de los Príncipes”, PSG stadium, got the photo with Lionel Messi in 2022.

That same day he would premiere a song that named the captain of the Argentine National Team. Then would come a song dedicated before the World Cup: “This is crazy from the cradle, / we already have two drinks now we want three, / one was brought by Diego and this one is brought by Lionel, / we are going to be champions like in 86”. And with the consecration, the song “3 stars in the set” would arrive, in a duo with duki.

And more photos with other champion players: Alejandro “Papu” Gómez, Sevilla footballerwent to see his show on Concert Music Festival, in Cadiz. At the same time, it interacts in networks with Enzo Fernandez: His comment after the arrival of the former River at Chelsea exceeded 10,000 likes from fans, reflecting the good match between “Biza” and football.

by RN

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