Bizarrap and Rauw Alejandro publish the song of the summer?

06/22/2023 at 05:33


bizarre He is a genius generating expectations with his songs, always collaborations from his role as star producer with big names in music. This Tuesday the Argentinean announced his new song in a promotional video (recorded on June 19 in Madrid) shared on his social networks (he has more than 19 million followers on Instagram, for example). In it he reveals who is the artist who accompanies him this time: rauw alejandro.

Bizarrap announces his next session with Rauw Alejandro. |

Bizarrap’s collaboration with the Puerto Rican is presumed to be a firm candidate to be, at least because of the media coverage of their union, the song of the summer, something that the Argentine achieved last year with Quevedo. Two current music phenomena together on a song about which, however, for now, nothing else has been revealed, just a few brief images in the promotional video.

With its publication scheduled at 02:00 this Thursday, June 22, the song corresponds to session 56 of the ‘Bzrp Music Sessions’, a format typical of the Argentine that artists such as Anuel AA, Shakira, Nicky Jam or Nathy Peluso, among many others. Bizarrap’s latest song, released on June 1, It was with the Mexican Featherweight.

The Argentine producer and dj performed in Barcelona on June 10 as part of the Share Festival and Rauw Alejandro will do the same at the Palau Sant Jordi on September 1, the date on which the Puerto Rican reggaeton player and Rosalía’s fiancé will arrive in the Catalan capital with the ‘Saturn’ tour.