Bitter Earth, previews of today’s episode: plot and cast

Troots and tragedies are the leitmotif of the episode Bitter earth broadcast tonight at 9.30pm on Channel 5. In the three new episodes, the protagonists of the Turkish soap opera set in the fictional town of Çukurova will see some good things. And men, after having betrayed their companions, they will pay a rather steep bill.

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Bitter earththe previews of the episode of Sunday 3 December

Fikret (Furkan Palali) finally returns home. His angry and disappointed wife Müjgan (Melike Ypek Yalova) welcomes him after finding out that he cheated on her with Ümit (Hande Soral). He decides to take revenge by revealing to Züleyha (Hilal Altinbek) that Demir (Murat Ünalmis) cheated on her with Ümit and shows her a photo.

While in Demir wants to see clearly about Fikret’s release from prison. He knows that he was the one who attacked Ümit and can’t bear the idea that he is still at large. So he asks the prosecutor for information and threatens to take the law into his own hands if the right measures are not taken.

Demir is not the only Yaman going through a difficult time. At the villa things are very agitated. Sevda (Nazan Kezal) is worried about Ümit, who is still hospitalized. She had to wait 35 years before hugging her again and now that the relationship between them is very tense she wants to do everything to recover. He calls her, but her daughter is not alone. With her is Sermin (Sibel Tascioglu), who listens to the conversation and begins to understand that the two women are linked by a deep feeling. And he immediately warns Fusun (Yeliz Dogramacilar).

“Bitter land”, Kerem Alisik is Ali Rahmet Fekeli (Photo Mediaset)

Müjgan finds out that Fikret is cheating on her with Ümit

Meanwhile Züleyha has to deal with the bitter discovery and has no intention of forgiving Demir’s betrayal. He vents to Inspector Sadi and decides to exit Adnan Yaman Holding selling his shares. More, he will leave Çukurova forever and take his children away.

It turns out, then, that Fikret and Ümit never said goodbye. They meet in secret to develop a new plan against Demir. Unlike last time, however, they are not alone. Müjgan no longer trusts her husband and follows him. She then discovers that he continued to lie to her and faced with the truth he makes an important decision. He accepts Doctor Metin’s job offer, then resigns and prepares to move to Istanbul. He will bring his son Kerem Ali with him.

Obviously comes the twist. When Fikret discovers that Müjgan is about to leave Çukurova he is overwhelmed by guilt and the desire to win it back. He decides to ask her to marry him and thus make their union official. But unfortunately, Müjgan gets on the plane and Fikret doesn’t have time to give her the ring.

“Bitter land”, Hilal Altinbek is Züleyha. (Mediaset)

Bitter earthZüleyha finds out the truth about Demir and Ümit and leaves Çukurova

Meanwhile Züleyha also says enough to the betrayals and is preparing to move to Cyprus with her children Adnan and Leyla. After that will ask for a divorce. Helping her organize the transfer are Cetin (Aras Senol) and Gülten (Selin Genç). Shortly thereafter, news of her imminent departure reaches Demir.

LThe man, shocked and terrified by the idea of ​​losing the woman of his life forever, does everything to reach her. He wants to explain to her what happened, ask her for forgiveness and try to regain her trust. Once again, however, fate has a hand in it. He doesn’t have time, because Züleyha has now left Çukurova.

Last but not least, Fikret also wants to catch up with Müjgan. And he takes an important step: in the hope that he will return, he asks Fekeli and Lütfiye for her hand. Unfortunately, right at the end, the radio announces terrible news. And Fikret has to face a real tragedy.