Bitcoin price was up 0.28 percent to $17,247.29 as of 9:40 AM. Bitcoin surpassed the previous day’s level of $17,198.33.

    In addition, Bitcoin Cash gains on Tuesday morning. It is up 0.76 percent to $108.00. The previous day, the Bitcoin Cash rate was $ 107.19.


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    Meanwhile, the Ethereum rate is trading at $1,326.63. Compared to the previous day ($1,321.46), this is a gain of 0.39 percent.

    In addition, the Litecoin course is falling. As of 9:40 a.m., Litecoin is down -0.70 percent to $81.16, down from $81.73 the day before.

    At the same time, the Ripple course is hardly moving. After $0.3492 the previous day, Ripple is trending at $0.3489 at 09:40.

    Meanwhile, the Cardano course is barely moving. At 09:40, $0.3177 is reported, which is the same as the previous day’s rate.

    Meanwhile, the Monero course is going uphill. Monero is up 0.20 percent to $159.19 from $158.87 the previous day.

    In the meantime, IOTA hardly moves. On Tuesday morning, the IOTA rate was $0.1878, the previous day’s value was $0.1870.

    In addition, Verge moves sideways. At 9:40 a.m., the price was set at $0.0028. The day before, the Verge rate was $0.0028.

    In the meantime, there are hardly any rashes at Stellar. After reading $0.0794 the previous day, Stellar price is quoted at $0.0794 at 09:40.

    In the meantime, hardly any rashes can be seen with NEM. After the value the day before was 0.0311 US dollars, the NEM price is quoted at 09:40 at 0.0316 US dollars.

    In addition, Dash devalues ​​at 09:40. It is down -0.98 percent to $48.46 from $48.94 the day before.

    Meanwhile, the NEO course is on the up. NEO is up 0.52 percent to $6.878 from $6.842 the previous day.

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