Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum & Co. on Friday morning

Bitcoin price & Co. current: This is what the prices of digital currencies are like on Friday morning

The Bitcoin price is stronger in the morning compared to the previous day. At 9:40 a.m., Bitcoin gained 0.18 percent to $26,602.62. Yesterday the price was still at $26,554.33.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin Cash is in the red. Compared to the previous day (208.57 US dollars), it fell by -0.02 percent to 208.53 US dollars.

Ethereum is also increasing. The Ethereum price increased by 0.45 percent at 9:40 a.m. to 1,590.99 US dollars, after Ethereum was still worth 1,583.91 US dollars the day before.

Litecoin also fell on Friday morning. It went down by -0.08 percent to $64.62. The day before, the Litecoin price was at $64.67.

Meanwhile, the Ripple price is barely moving. At 9:40 a.m. 0.5098 US dollars are shown, which corresponds to the rate of the previous day.

Cardano is also moving sideways. At 09:40 a price of 0.2451 US dollars was noted. The day before, the Cardano price was at $0.2455.

In addition, Monero appreciates at 09:40. It rose 0.73 percent to $146.27, after standing at $145.20 the day before.

At the same time, the IOTA price is hardly moving. After 0.1474 US dollars the previous day, IOTA is trending at 0.1476 US dollars at 09:40.

Meanwhile, Verge barely moves. On Friday morning the Verge price was 0.0033 US dollars, the previous day’s value was 0.0033 US dollars.

Meanwhile, Stellar barely moves. On Friday morning, the Stellar price was 0.1145 US dollars, the previous day’s value was 0.1138 US dollars.

In the meantime, there are hardly any noticeable fluctuations in NEM. After the value was 0.0251 US dollars the day before, the NEM price was valued at 0.0252 US dollars at 09:40.

After reaching 26.25 US dollars the day before, the Dash price rose by 0.03 percent to 26.26 US dollars on Friday morning.

The NEO price has now risen by 0.89 percent to $7.429. The day before, NEO was worth $7,364.

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