Bitcoin clones compared, what can BTC, BTCBSC and others offer Bitcoin 2.0?

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Bitcoin clones in comparison

So-called Coins 2.0, also known as Coins20), are being developed more and more frequently and are based on the great role models among the leading cryptocurrencies. But there are also important differences, because as the example of Bitcoin on BSC shows, staking is possible for investors. We show the differences between the relevant Bitcoin clones and explain exactly what Bitcoin BSC is and what the advantages are for investors.

  • Which Bitcoin clone is the best coin?
  • What does Bitcoin 2.0 mean?
  • What advantages do investors have with Bitcoin BSC?
  • What are the differences between Bitcoin copies?
  • Pre-Sales of $BTCBSC for just $0.99
  • Already invested more than $2.36 million

What are Bitcoin Clones?

Bitcoin clones are copies or successors of Bitcoin. They arise for a variety of reasons, including:

  1. Dispute among developers
  2. Different orientations
  3. Forks of the original blockchain
  4. Conflicts within communities
  5. Technological advancements
  6. Improved offers for investors
  7. Nostalgic new developments

Which Bitcoin clones are there?

In addition to Bitcoin as the original and first and most successful cryptocurrency, there are also Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV as well as two coins of the latest generation BTC20 and Bitcoin BSCcurrently known as Bitcoin clones.

Bitcoin Cash is based on the idea of ​​being able to process more transactions than the original Bitcoin blockchain and does not rely on the well-known solution with Litecoin and on-chain data. With Bitcoin Cash, BCH, the decision-making power rests with the community.

The project was released as a fork of Bitcoin on August 1, 2017 and offers a larger block size than Bitcoin. It is currently 32 MB, making it 15 times faster than Bitcoin. This allows more transactions to be carried out per second.

Bitcoin SV also emerged from a fork, a so-called hard fork, of the original Bitcoin blockchain. SV stands for Satoshi Vision and indicates that the developers of this Bitcoin clone want to follow the original development idea of ​​the inventor of Bitcoin more than is currently the case with the Bitcoin blockchain.

Bitcoin SV’s blocks are unlimited, which critics say makes them almost impossible to verify. In the end, BSV is also about the higher transaction speed, one of the causal limitations of the Bitcoin blockchain.

However, things look different Bitcoin BSC and BTC20. Both new developments are considered Bitcoin 2.0 or Bitcoin-inspired tokens. With both tokens, investors can participate in staking, which is the biggest difference to the other two Bitcoin clones.

What is Bitcoin BSC?

As Bitcoin 2.0, the developers of Bitcoin BSC are based on the idea of ​​a tradable asset like BTC. However, they have little interest in hard forks or community disputes. This new development is all about the pleasure of crypto trading, which is known to arise when investors trade lucrative assets. $BTCBSC is a BEP20 token that is built on the Binance Smart Chain BSC.

Unlike the Bitcoin clones, it uses proof-of-stake and therefore makes it possible to offer staking options to investors. Bitcoin BSC, also BTC20, is about bringing a cheap token to private investors in pre-sales that costs the same as 1 BTC in April 2011. Back then, even if it sounds unbelievable today, that was only 1 Dollar!

These are the pros and cons of $BTCBSC

Therefore, 1 $BTCBSC currently only costs $0.99, based on the price of Bitcoin at the time. Anyone who was not ready to invest in the crypto market 12 years ago has now been given a second chance thanks to Bitcoin BSC. And investors are taking advantage of these second chances, as the project has already raised over USD 2.40 million in less than 10 days.

Conclusion: With staking, staking rewards are available for the next 120 years. The developers of Bitcoin BSC determined this through clever tokenomics. For investors, this means that they not only buy a speculative coin, but can also build up passive income in the long term.

In addition, through staking, Bitcoin BSC is able to stabilize the price at token launch on public trading platforms. This is because fewer tokens usually increase demand. This usually leads to rising prices. A win-win situation for all investors.

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