THEl new Biofilling medical-aesthetic treatment is used to combat localized laxity and loss of tone, generally guaranteeing youth to the whole body. Physical activity and diets, in fact, cannot always act on some more rooted imperfections. Dr. Sergio Noviello, cosmetic surgeon and medical director of Milano Estetica explains how the treatment works and its benefits.

    Knee biofilling, what it is

    “The knees represent one of the areas of the body on which it is more difficult to intervene and obtain good results and this is why medicine and cosmetic surgery have been working for years to identify the safest and most satisfying procedures for patients »begins to explain Dr. Sergio Noviello.

    “The Biofilling represents a bio-regenerative strategy to give freshness and tone to the skin of the body and stimulate the vitality of the tissues of the treated areas. For this purpose it is used an innovative method that exploits the action of stem cells taken directly from the patient’s adipose tissues ».

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    Indicated in case of mild or moderate skin laxity, signs of the passage of time – which occur in the case of the knees even in those who perform regular physical activity -, “the treatment can be performed in combination with other procedures and in the slimming phase to help the tissues and prevent sagging of the skinThe expert continues.

    Toned and young skin of the knees: the benefits of the surgery

    Currently, throughout the international scene, the Biofilling represents one of the best low invasive solutions able to intervene on the elasticity of the skin, acting directly on the skin and subcutaneous structures, also stimulating tissue regeneration ».

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    «This technique is becoming more and more important because the demand for effective but at the same time soft, low-risk procedures with short recovery times is growing. IS the natural evolution of lipofillinga method used successfully in cosmetic surgery for over 25 years, free from side effects important and unanimously appreciated for the cosmetic results obtainable ».

    Stem cells and growth factors to eliminate laxity

    Thanks to the use of growth factors and stem cells, moreover, the Biofilling provides the body with the most suitable active ingredients to promote cell turnover and the increase of the defenses against the damage of free radicals «.

    The procedure – aimed at both women and men – «is indicated for quickly and effectively treat loss of skin tone in difficult areasgiving new life to fabrics ».

    How “Biofilling” is performed

    “The operation consists in the removal of a few cubic centimeters of fat from an area of ​​localized adiposity: the material taken is purified and emulsified by means of sophisticated devices that they normalize the consistency of the adipose tissue, allowing it to be reinserted in the most superficial layers of the skin at a subdermal or even intradermal level “explains Dr. Sergio Noviello.

    “Precisely this emulsification allows – using very small caliber needles – the infiltration of fat rich in growth factors and stem cells in districts and areas that cannot be treated with traditional lipofillingachieving surprising precision and accuracy ».

    Duration and postoperative

    “The treatment generally lasts between 30 and 45 minutes and depending on the extent of the area to be treated it will be possible carry out the Biofilling with local anesthesia or with mild sedation. Painless, safe and non-invasive, this technique involves the use of completely biocompatible cells, as they are obtained from the patient himself ».

    And then? “A modest swelling and any small bruises they will be reabsorbed in a short time: in the days immediately following it will be enough to wear a girdle or a containment tights ».

    Contraindications and side effects

    “The procedure is not recommended in pregnancy. To verify, as already said, the suitability of the patient is through the collection of anamnestic data during the visit and through specific examinations“.

    ORBesides the knees, what other critical areas does it allow to treat? “TOalso abdomen, inner thigh, inner arms, buttocks and neck they are among the areas on which it is possible to intervene »concludes the expert.