Big brother vip 7, previews and news for tonight’s episode

dfter the chaos of the last few weeks, al Big brother vip 7 peace seems to have returned. But it’s easy to talk. Because the episodes of the reality show are always full of surprises, as the thirty-ninth tonight will surely be too, on Channel 5 at 21.25. Sure there will be proclaimed the first finalist.

Big brother vip 7the previews of the new episode

The seventh edition of the program revolves around love affairs between contestants. And if last year the liaison that held the bank was the one between Alex Belli and Solei Sorge, this time it’s up to the Donnalisi: Antonella and Edoardo Donnamaria – protagonists of the week of yet another confrontation. That’s because there aren’t any dynamics particularly interesting, and because the cast it is not particularly strong.

Antonella and Edoardo’s relationship oscillates between tenderness and heated confrontation. They are jealous and don’t trust each other. Furthermore, Donnamaria reproaches her for not admitting her mistakesso don’t argue. “You’re starting to admit your mistakes too, I’m admitting mine too. It’s more mature to admit your mistakes than to say: you got it all wrong».

Do they have a future outside the House? Who knows, they certainly have enough material to cheer up the audience and get a prominent place in the lineup. I am, in fact, one of the most loved couples on social media. There is no shortage of detractors, but hate and love is the perfect combination to not go unnoticed and rise to protagonists of each episode.

Antonella Fiordelisi at “Big brother vip 7”. (Endemol Shine Italy)

Surprises tonight for Daniele and Nikita

Meanwhile Nikita Pelizon think back to your own relationship with Luca Onestini, now ruined by the clashes of recent weeks. Is there a scope for rapprochement? At the moment for the competitor “that’s okay”, but coexistence is still long. And for a couple that hasn’t formed, there’s one that tries to go straight.

It’s about Daniele Dal Moro and Oriana Marzoli. the two have now approached some time ago, but the relationship does not seem to be going well. Oriana has doubts about Daniele’s real interest. The latter tried to reassure her. “The feelings I have for you are real. Let’s try to live in peace.”

Words that have restored the serene, at least until now. And speaking of Dal Moro, tonight during the episode he will receive one surprise. He’s not the only one, because something is also cooking for Nikita. He will meet his best friend Giulia.

Nikita Pelizon, among the competitors of “Big brother vip 7”. (Endemol Shine Italy)

Among the contestants nominated is the first finalist of Big brother vip 7

Also tonight space at nominations. Big brother vip 7 is nearing closure and it is time to proclaim the first finalist. Just what will happen at the end of the episode. The competitors, in fact, do not know that among the VIPs in the nomination, the public’s favorite will not only be saved, but will have rightful access to the final.

Unknowingly competing for the title are: Andrea Maestrelli, Antonella Fiordelisi, Davide Donadei, Micol Incorvaia, Nikita Pelizon, Oriana Marzoli and Edoardo Tavassi.

The yellow of the episode disappeared from streaming

The seventh edition of the VIP version reality show was not born under a lucky star. Suffice it to recall the story Marco Bellaviawhich held court for weeks, with the consequent elimination of some competitors including the exit to televoting by Giovanni Ciacci and the disqualification of Ginevra Lamborghini.

The reprimand was not enough and in the following months we witnessed new quarrels, further clashes, insults, offenses, so on and so forth. With the consequence of an incessant rain of criticism towards the program. Criticisms with which Pier Silvio Berlusconi would also agree.

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As reported by FQ Magazinethe CEO Mediaset would have asked to put a stop to excessive trash, to the “vulgarity” and to the “fiery tones of the discussions”. The first provision arrived on Friday 3 March, when it is skipped the rerun of the episode of Big brother vip 7 on A5. The episode is not available from the streaming platform Mediaset Infinity.