The plan includes the largest investment ever made in the American climate. For example, 370 billion dollars (more than 363 billion euros) is being allocated to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent by 2030.

    With this reform, every American will receive up to 7,500 dollars (7,365 euros) in tax breaks for the purchase of an electric car. The installation of solar panels on the roof is covered for 30 percent. The reform should also make forests more resilient to monster fires. The most polluting industries are also assisted to help them with their energy transition.

    The bill now only needs to be signed by Joe Biden himself, which will happen next week, according to US media.

    Joe Biden had already called the plan “historic” beforehand. The approval of the plan is now seen as a major political victory for the Democratic president, barely three months before the US midterm congressional elections take place.