Biden wants criticism from the outside world: “I want to hear from Trump” | VS 2024

The American president Joe Biden (81) has another time on the agenda. In an interview with talk show presenter Seth Meyers, Biden was criticized for being left behind. “You should be able to see Trump,” he said.


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27-02-24, 21:21

CNN, The New York Times

Biden was a guest on the talk show ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’ on the NBC television. “I’m now 81 years old,” said presenter Seth Meyers van Wal. “How in godsnaam does this happen? “That’s vertrouwelijke information,” replied Biden, laughing.

The president is headed to the Republic, a rival to Donald Trump, who is 77 years old. “I want to see the other guys. Hij is bijna even oud als ik, maar hij kan de naam van zijn vrouw niet eens onthouden”, zei hij. Biden rejects the army after a “blunder” of Trump, the two women Melania afgelopen weekend at a conservative conference “Mercedes” leek te noemen. Trump supporters really complain about the fact that they are dead political analyst Mercedes Schlapp, who is present at the conference.

Biden was a guest on the talk show by presenter Seth Meyers. © AFP

“Democracy State on Play”

Op een serieuzere toon benadrukte Biden dat de verkiezingen niet draaien om hoe oud de candidates zijn. “Het gaat over hun ideeën, en hoe oud die zijn”, aldus de president. “Kijk, deze kerel (Trump, ed.) wil ons terug naar af brengen”, zei hij.

Volgens Biden was very sad to have a “doodsbang” for what was a two-term term for Trump in order to be able to pray for the relationship between the VS and other countries. “De democratie staat op het spel, real waar”, besloot hij.

Biden will take the toughest criticism in the shortest possible time. As President Zelf says that he is still in pink, Biden’s great promises and verstrooidheden have never been seen in the house. Recently, French President Emmanuel Macron met President François Mitterrand, who was 28 years old. Vice President Kamala Harris said that “it is clear that the country can serve” now Biden’s physical and mental attitude towards the public debate has become.

KIJK. Biden served Franse Collega Macron with President Mitterrand, who is 28 years old