Biden and Trump are campaigning at the US border

WASHINGTON (dpa-AFX) – US President Joe Biden and his predecessor Donald Trump tried to score points in the election campaign on the domestically important issue of migration with separate appearances at the southern border with Mexico. Trump traveled to Eagle Pass in the state of Texas on Thursday and accused Biden of total failure in migration policy there. The Democrat is to blame for the country being overrun by “illegal migrants,” said the Republican presidential candidate there. “He’s destroying our country,” Trump said. “It’s like a war.”

Several hundred kilometers away in Brownsville, Texas, Biden admitted that the situation at the border was difficult. “It’s time to act,” he said. “We have to do more.” He, in turn, accused Trump’s Republicans of persistently blocking additional resources for border security in Congress. The Democrat, who wants to run for a second term in the November presidential election, called for a willingness to compromise and bipartisanship. Addressing Trump, he said: “Instead of playing political games with the issue, we should come together and get this done.

The issue of migration plays a particularly important role in the presidential election campaign. The vote in November will result in another duel between Biden and Trump. The Republicans accuse Biden of having lost control over the protection of the southern border of the USA in view of the large number of migrants./jac/DP/he