Biathlon live ticker: Oslo relay mixed 4x6km in the live ticker


Huge lead for France

Sophie Chauveau shot confidently and at the same time was able to benefit from the mistakes of the competition – so France now has a huge lead of 41 seconds. Elvira Öberg follows with an eight second lead over Lien, Schneider and Vittozzi.

3:09 p.m

Third shooting

Sophie Chauveau shoots slowly but gets through with one spare. Öberg starts with a mistake and misses again, and Rothschopf also misses twice. With Schneider, the last shot jams and then misses – that takes time, but it’s still a reloader. Vittozzi remains in fifth position. Ida Lien gets through without an additional cartridge.

3:06 p.m

Öberg is catching up

Elvira Öberg is catching up slightly, Sophia Schneider at least doesn’t lose anything to the Frenchwoman at the top. Lea Rothschopf is also doing well.

3:03 p.m

First change

Sophie Chauveau has a great lead of 31.4 seconds on the track. Sweden and Germany have stalked Austria and are only five seconds behind in second place – so there is currently a three-way battle for second place. Switzerland is far behind and has not yet changed.

3:01 p.m

Simon doesn’t give competition a chance

Julia Simon is also in a class of her own on the track – she is almost 27 seconds ahead of Lisa Theresa Hauser. Hettich-Walz is doing well and is traveling together with Mona Brorsson.


Simon with perfect shooting

Julia Simon circles her arms before coming to the shooting range. She acts just as impeccably as she did when lying down and extends her lead. Hauser, Tandrevold and Hettich-Walz miss. Hettich-Walz needs two extra shots, Tandrevold and Meier even have to go into the penalty loop. Hauser works his way up to second position with a spare.


Germany to five

Hettich-Walz lost time due to the spare and is now running in fifth place. At the top, Simon remains nine seconds ahead of Tandrevold, followed by Lisa Theresa Hauser. Hettich-Walz is 18 seconds behind. The descents are sometimes hard and icy, so there isn’t really any time to rest.


First shooting

Simon starts first and hits everything, Tandrevold also gets away with zero – as do Sweden and Austria. Hettich-Walz needs a reloader. Switzerland affords two additional cartridges.

2:49 p.m

Field pulls apart

The field slowly pulls apart and runs one after the other like a string of pearls. The women are about to start their first shooting session, Simon increases the pace.

2:48 p.m

Hettich-Walz stays in midfield

Julia Simon leads the field, Janina Hettich-Walz runs in seventh position in midfield.

2:45 p.m

It’s starting!

The 23 teams start the first round together. The rain hasn’t let up, the snow is wet.


More favorites

The team from France with Julia Simon, Sophie Chauveau, Fabien Claude and Quentin Fillon Maillet can definitely stand up to the Norwegians. In addition to France, the team from Italy with the formation of Hannah Auchentaller, Lisa Vittozzi, Lukas Hofer and Tommaso Giacomel should also be mentioned among the favorites.

2:35 p.m

Switzerland without Häcki-Groß

Since Lena Häcki-Groß was already in the single mixed relay, the Swiss mixed relay has to do without its best athlete. Lea Meier runs in first place, followed by Aita Gasparin in second position. Messrs. Joscha Burkhalter and Jeremy Finello will complete the group.

2:30 p.m

Austria with a redhead

Lisa Theresa Hauser, Lea Rothschopf, Dominic Unterweger and Simon Eder are competing for Austria. Start number eight shows the average of the past results – and even today an eighth place would be realistic, because the quartet can’t keep up on the cross-country ski trail.

2:25 p.m

Everything is included for Germany

Team Germany is often a surprise bag in the relays, but the surprise was often negative, especially in the mixed relays. There is a new attempt at a positive surprise today. Janina Hettich-Walz and Sophia Schneider will start, Benedikt Doll and Philipp Nawrath complete the quartet. Benedikt Doll and Philipp Nawrath in particular are in good running form; for the women, it remains to be seen how well they can keep up. But they are definitely among the favorites.

2:20 p.m

Can Norway be beaten?

In this race too, the question of whether the team from Norway can be beaten is at the top. However, the other nations have good chances on paper, because with Ida Lien, Norway has a fast runner, but also a small insecurity factor on the shooting range in the team. During the World Cup, the woman in yellow, Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold, also showed weaknesses. And dominator Johannes Thingnes Bø is currently making a few too many mistakes; his brother Tarjei is currently the most consistent member of Team Norway.


Hello and welcome to the mixed relay from Oslo! After things got hot in the single mixed relay, the mixed relay will now follow from 2:45 p.m.