Biathlon in Soldier Hollow – German men’s relay team finishes in 3rd place

As of: March 8, 2024 9:41 p.m

In his last relay race, Benedikt Doll shot clean for the first time and was able to celebrate third place with the German team. Norway wins comfortably ahead of Italy.

In Benedikt Doll’s last relay race, Justus Strelow was the first German starter to take to the cross-country ski trail. The 27-year-old managed well in the prone position with only one spare round and went back on the track in third place together with the Norwegian Sturla Holm Laegreid and the Czech Michal Krcmar.

Strelow was also convincing in the second shooting, he shot quickly and took advantage of Laegreid’s desolate shooting with just one spare shot. While the Norwegian collected three penalties, the German went back onto the trail with the Czech Krcmar in the lead.

On the track, however, Strelow couldn’t quite keep up with the competition and lost over twenty seconds to the French, who were now leading. He handed over to Johannes Kühn in fifth place.

Kühn is gaining ground on the route

He had to reload twice while lying down and then went back into the lap in fourth place, half a second behind Emilien Jaquelin. The Frenchman increased the pace at the front, but was then slowed down by two standing penalties.

This time Kühn got through with just one spare and remained fourth. Italy was now at the top ahead of Ukraine and the USA. And Norway also returned to the top group after three penalties. And so Benedikt Doll went into his last relay race on the four together with Johannes Thingnes Boe.

Finally error-free for the first time?

And the 33-year-old still had a score to settle: he had never made a mistake in a relay race. Should this be successful at the end? Should it: In his last relay race, Doll remained flawless while lying down and standing and put Germany on course for the podium.

Behind Norway and the Americans, who were sensationally in second place, the German set out to pass the baton for the last time – this time to Philipp Nawrath.

Nawrath secures the podium

Nawrath now had to finish on the podium. He appeared very restless in the prone position, but avoided a penalty, and while standing he used a spare to finally keep the Germans in the race for the podium in Utah.

Norway ran to victory in a dominant position at the front. Behind it, things remained exciting between the Italian Lukas Hofer and Nawrath. In the end, Germany came third. A final podium with the team as a farewell for Benedikt Doll.