Beyoncé surprises with new remix EP for “Break My Soul”

Beyoncé on Thursday (Aug. 4) released a surprise four-remix EP for her single break-through, “Break My Soul,” from her new album RENAISSANCE. Versions by Honey Dijon and are included.

The EP consists of four remastered versions of the song “Break My Soul” and includes additional performances by Terry Hunter and Nita Aviance in addition to Honey Dijon and While Black Eyed Peas singer significantly changes the beat, Hunter relies on the use of a church organ for a graceful version of the ballroom sound.

“Break My Soul” in four different styles

Beyoncé’s song originally lasts six minutes. Both Aviance and Dijon lengthened the timeline by adding trance cadences and tribal drum beats to the song. Dijon previously worked as a producer on the songs “Cozy” and “Alien Superstar.”

In keeping with the album’s tonal focus, well-known artists from the dance music scene are represented on the EP.

Dijon, too, is grateful for working with Beyoncé — especially for sharing her “Chicago house music roots.” She also announced on Instagram that the record showcases “black queer and trans culture” more broadly. “I’m honored, humbled, overjoyed and proud,” Dijon said.

RENAISSANCE is both praised and criticized

Despite being heavily criticized for the offensive statement in the song “Energy” and the unauthorized use of Kelis’ sample, RENAISSANCE was widely praised upon its release last week. Lil Nas X also recently said that the work is “kinda [sein] life”. Due to the debate surrounding Kelis’ samples in the song “Energy,” Beyoncé released a new version of the track Wednesday (August 3) without Kelis’ interlude.

RENAISSANCE is part of Beyoncé’s expansive trilogy album, details of which were discovered by a fan who received a vinyl copy of the album. “This three-part project was recorded over three years during the pandemic,” Beyoncé wrote in the album’s booklet. It was at a time that she “felt as the most creative”.

Listen to the four remixed versions of “Break My Soul” here: