Beyoncé: Is there new music in the “Renaissance” concert film?

The film opens in cinemas on December 1st. Find out here what musical surprises the concert film has in store.

US superstar Beyoncé was on a world tour from May to September 2023. By September 27, 2023, she has performed a total of 56 concerts in North America and Europe with her spectacular stage show. The singer also had the “Renaissance” tour filmed and now the concert film named after the tour can be seen in cinemas from December 1st. Find out more about the musical surprises as well as the cinema runtime and streaming availability here.

How long will the film run in cinemas?

For two hours and 48 minutes, fans can admire concert recordings, behind-the-scenes footage and background information on the creation of the 2022 album RENAISSANCE in “Renaissance”. Beyoncé produced the work with her own company, Parkwood Entertainment, which is why she is also named in the credits as the director, author and producer of the concert film.

Only selected cinemas have the work in their program. In Germany, as internationally, “Renaissance” can usually be seen in cinemas from December 1st. If you look at the program of large cinemas, they offer dates until December 14th. It is currently unknown whether Beyoncé’s tour film will continue to run afterwards.

It also remains unclear at the moment whether the concert film will be available in streaming afterwards.

Are there new songs to be heard in “Renaissance”?

Unfortunately, the film does not contain any new songs from Beyoncé. To the fans’ surprise, there are some tracks included that were not on the original setlist for this year’s tour. Viewers get but cover versions of Tina Turner’s “River Deep, Mountain High” and Diana Ross’ “Love Hangover” and the US rapper Kendrick Lamar appears on “America Has A Problem” with Beyoncé. Other guest appearances include Megan Thee Stallion.

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