After the penalty of 15 points in the standings and with the uncertainty for other, possible sanctions, the betting houses ran for cover and the bet was closed

    A move dictated by prudence, but one that makes noise. All the betting agencies have closed the bets on the “Juventus relegated yes” option. What does it mean? Simple, a bettor can no longer bet on the loss of category of the black and white club, while he can still do it on the other 19 teams in Serie A. Naples, Milan or Inter, for example, are paid a thousand times the stake. If you bet one euro, you win a thousand. In the list of the various operators – from Snai to Goldbet, passing through Planet Win, Betclic and all the others – Juve’s share no longer appears.


    It is evident that the fact can be explained by the fear of betting houses in the face of judicial cases involving the Old Lady. So much so that the decision was taken after the sentence of the Federal Court of Appeal – 15 penalty points in the standings -, knowing full well that it concerned only the first branch of sports justice, the one on the so-called fictitious capital gains. While uncertainty still reigns – in terms of possible new sporting sanctions – on the two salary maneuvers (2020 and 2021) contested by the Turin prosecutor’s office. In practice, the bookies – who never leave anything to chance – as a precaution have suspended the quota on Juve’s relegation “for fear” that new penalties will arrive such as to significantly change the value of the bet or, even, a more serious sanction (for example direct relegation).

    And who has already played?

    But what if someone already had a bet on Juventus in Serie B, made online or in an agency? Let’s start by saying that it is logical to think that there are very few players who ventured such a prediction, but in the absence of previous specifications and already contained in the regulation of the various operators authorized by the Aams, the bet would be considered valid. And the decision to “block” the bets on the relegation of the black and whites goes precisely in this sense: the betting houses do not want to find themselves in the situation of having to pay a lot of money for a stake on which today reigns supreme an uncertainty not due to the results on the pitch but to judicial matters.