Better protection of the Iron and Handzame Valley against flooding and drought

Better protection of the Iron and Handzame Valley against flooding and drought

Under the leadership of the province, they consult each other permanently, and this has now led to 60 concrete actions.

Concrete action points

Water, there is sometimes too much, in recent summers often too little. Climate change is making itself felt more and more, also in the Yser and Handzame valley. Since December, 24 partners have been working closely together on this water issue. This has now resulted in some 60 concrete action plans.

That’s how it should be Stavele, bee Alveringembe better protected against floods like that of November 2021. And there must be more space everywhere to collect water.

Deputy for water policy Bart Naeyaert: “For example Kortemark very short term Talpes wells. An additional supply of water can be stored there for agriculture. We are also going to connect an industrial estate to those wells and create a better place for farmers to collect water from them. In Staden a buffer basin is created.”

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There’s work to be done

Many authorities are involved in this permanent consultation. Working together and thus making better use of all financial resources is necessary, because there is a lot of work to be done.

Jurgen Vanlerberghe, deputy for the environment, landscape and nature: “The challenges are gigantic. Climate change is rapidly approaching us. The Yser Handzame valley area has enormous potential to be such a climate sponge. If we want to live in this area , work, and feel safe, then we just have to get started. I don’t think we have much choice.”

For the time being, the permanent consultation has led to 60 concrete actions, but many more will certainly be added in the coming years.

“Undoubtedly, more projects will always be added. We are not yet done with dealing with all those water challenges. It is good that there is permanent consultation where the various partners can meet.”