Beşiktaş’s new transfer Muleka: One of the most special days of my life

Beşiktaş’s new transfer, Democratic Congolese football player Jackson Muleka, said he was very happy and excited to join the black and white team.

Muleka, in his interview on the black and white club’s social media account, said about his transfer, “I am very happy and excited. I signed for Beşiktaş, a very big club. I thank God. I am living one of the most special days of my life. I hope it pays off with performance on the field.” I’ll show everyone.” he said.

Praising Beşiktaş fans, the 22-year-old football player said, “I am looking forward to the day when I will appear in front of our fans. Every player wants to experience this intense atmosphere. I came here as an opponent. Now I will feel that supporter behind me.” used the phrases.

Regarding the interest shown by Beşiktaş fans, Muleka said, “After Beşiktaş’s interest in me emerged, they sent me a message of support, especially on Instagram. Now it’s my turn. I will respond to their support and interest by doing my best and making them happy.” made its assessment.

Explaining that he did not ask anyone about the club when he received a transfer offer from Beşiktaş, Muleka said, “I have already experienced this atmosphere with my own eyes. The atmosphere on the day I played against Beşiktaş was very impressive. Therefore, I did not have to ask or question anyone. The atmosphere here, the size of the club and the community, and my knowledge of its history. there was.” she concluded.