Beşiktaş sends flash Icardi to Galatasaray! You covered it up by saying it was a montage.

Beşiktaş Vice President Onur Göçmez said, “You cannot wear a TFF and MHK shirt and give me to the prosecutor’s office and say TFF resign two days ago, in response to the statement I made with TFF and MHK before the derby, which was entirely about VAR. When you say TFF resign, they say ‘ what’s up.’ And we say, ‘No.’ “Beşiktaş will fight against Galatasaray on March 3. It will play with honor and win deservedly. If Galatasaray deserves it, Galatasaray will win it,” he said.

Galatasaray Club, after the Galatasaray-Bandırmaspor match played in the Turkish Cup, about Onur Göçmez, who was the President of Bandırmaspor at that time; Turkish football filed a criminal complaint against the MHK, the referees and the client, in accordance with Article 22 of the Law No. 6222 on the Prevention of Violence and Disorder in Sports, for insulting statements. Göçmez, who also served as Beşiktaş Vice President and recently resigned from his duties at Bandırmaspor, testified on the issue at Çağlayan Courthouse today. After his statement, Onur Göçmez made a statement to the press outside the courthouse.

Stating that a criminal complaint was filed against him by the Galatasaray Club due to the statements he made after the Galatasaray – Bandırmaspor match played in the Turkish Cup, Göçmez said, “First of all, I would like to thank the Beşiktaş management. I would also like to thank our esteemed Prosecutor for his approach. I have been in the football world for 6 years. I love, respect and stance very much.” I know it well. Since we are from Beşiktaş, we need to display this stance anytime and anywhere. A Turkish Cup match was played on February 6. This match was between Galatasaray and Bandırmaspor. As the elected president of Bandırmaspor, I was called the honorary president in the complaint and it was underlined that I had no authority. I was constantly brought forward as Beşiktaş Vice President. Suspiciously, I was brought to the institution of our state, not as Bandırmaspor President, but as Beşiktaş Vice President. The match was related to Bandırma, but the complaint is related to Beşiktaş. The notification came to Beşiktaş Club. Due to a problem that Bandırmaspor experienced, naturally the match Afterwards, I exercised my legal right and made a statement. It is right, it is wrong. Who is the authority for this? It is the Turkish Football Federation or MHK. From the beginning to the end of my statement, I expressed that I wish success to the Galatasaray community. I said that Galatasaray did not need such a referee performance. Naturally, Galatasaray should win this match. I expressed success at the end of the match, but unfortunately after the match, interestingly, I don’t want to put Galatasaray fans under suspicion, but the social media troll army took the incident from the Bandırma match and directed it to Beşiktaş. In other words, they wanted to pit Beşiktaş and Galatasaray against each other. We have not made any statement since then. I never took into consideration the perception created on social media, the misdirections, the insults, and the pastings whose contents were full of errors. I didn’t come out and say a word. We are people who belong to society. We are people who contribute to the development of Turkish football. All of our board members are valuable and came to serve Turkish football. We could have taken the easy way out there and pitted the Beşiktaş and Galatasaray communities against each other. But we didn’t do it, we waited. How long did we wait, until you gave Beşiktaş Vice President as a suspect to the prosecutor’s office? From now on, Beşiktaş has returned to factory settings. Beşiktaş’s reputation is at stake wherever Beşiktaş is present. Beşiktaş is a reputable team. Before the derby, you cannot, wearing a TFF and MHK shirt, give me to the prosecutor’s office and say TFF resigned two days ago, in response to my statement I made with TFF and MHK, which was entirely about VAR. When TFF says resignation, they say ‘no’. And we say, ‘No.’ Beşiktaş will play against Galatasaray on March 3. He will play with honor and win with dignity. “If Galatasaray deserves it, Galatasaray will get it,” he said.


Stating that TFF should not be caught up in perceptions before the Beşiktaş – Galatasaray derby to be played at the weekend, Göçmez said, “Football is not just football. Football is a message, a social phenomenon. Beşiktaş should not be dealt with so much. Beşiktaş is a big community. If we are 80 people, we will not return with 79 people behind us.” We will not leave anyone. This will be our stance and approach from now on. I would like to say this to the Federation. The people who stood by me because I criticized TFF a week ago, called on TFF to resign yesterday. Our suggestion to TFF is strongly this. We have a cup match ahead of us. Afterwards, we have a match against Galatasaray on March 3. Do not let them get carried away by these perceptions. Beşiktaş management is here now. Beşiktaş management will follow this very seriously. We do not want any privileges. We only want justice. If the system is managed with the perception of one team in this way, neither Adana Demirspor nor Fatih Karagümrük will find neither Bandırmaspor nor Samsunspor president. We need to unite together. Let’s not pit the two communities against each other. Managers leave, communities remain. We would like to warn Galatasaray management or the friends who caused this issue. We need to be unifying and calm. It will be a good match on March 3. However, I would like to underline and warn the federation,” he said.


Göçmez said that he was written as Honorary President in the complaint petition, but he assumed the duty of president on the date when the Galatasaray – Bandırmaspor match was played, and said:

“If you are submitting a petition, if you are petitioning against us, big communities need to work with big legal systems. I was the President of Bandırmaspor that day. I was not the honorary president. You should also know that that match was a cup match, not related to the Super League. It was an inexperienced complaint file. “We regret that we have kept the state busy. They have more important things to do.”


Saying that they will closely monitor the situation of Mauro Icardi, who was referred to the PFDK without any precautions, Onur Göçme said, “While we are dealing with these, we forget the issues we should really focus on. With this perception management, we cannot cover up Icardi’s action by saying montage or so-and-so on social media. “The imprudent referral made by the Federation has made us seriously think. We will follow the result. Beşiktaş has shown in its history how it punishes these actions. That is why Beşiktaş is a great community. Footballers leave, managers also leave, but the communities always remain,” he said.

Thanking the Beşiktaş fans, Göçmez stated that they will always display the upright stance of Beşiktaş in order to represent the black-white fans very well.


Stating that Galatasaray Club complained about him, Göçmez concluded his words as follows:

“The complainant is the Galatasaray management, the Galatasaray Club. Only we can talk, you cannot. If you talk, we will do this, I get the message. But Beşiktaş has returned to factory settings, Beşiktaş is here.”