Beşiktaş Presidential Candidate Hasan Arat is on A Spor broadcast | LIVE – Last minute Beşiktaş news

The countdown continues for the presidential election to be held in Beşiktaş on December 3. Hasan Arat, one of the presidential candidates of the black-whites, answers questions in the live broadcast of A Spor…


Beşiktaş has been in a miserable situation for 23 years.

Today, a 20-year-old young man put his head on my shoulder and started crying. ‘We haven’t experienced anything like this since Liverpool,’ he said. We are the district team, we have a difference. Our community is the people themselves. Köyiçi was very sad today

In my philosophy, there is no such thing as strawberry transfer.

As the management, we know what our fans want.

We made our preparations for the transfer.

Beşiktaş fans will manage Beşiktaş together with us. Our faces will be Samet Aybaba and Feyyaz Uçar, the managers will not come out and speak