Ismael, who played a total of 19 official matches at the head of Black Eagle, was able to get eight wins, eight losses and three draws during this time. Before the Hatay match he was dismissed, he had only one victory in five matches and officially made his magnificent squad ordinary.


    As we said, for those who wanted to see, the truth was always clear. Black-and-whites scored 15 goals in the first half this season under Ismael, but only five goals in the second half. On the other hand, 10 of the 14 goals conceded were in the second half.

    Valerien Ismael created a Beşiktaş that consumed all its energy in the first half and walked in the second half. Therefore, perhaps the best defeat of the season was against Hatayspor, because Beşiktaş got rid of the inexperienced Ismael.