Beşiktaş News: Batshuayi and Larin decision from Önder Karaveli!

Kenan Karaman also came to the fore with his successful statistics, just like Güven. Kenan, who remained in the game for 99 minutes with overtime, scored 1 hit in 3 shots. The national player, who achieved a pass hit of 85 percent, was victorious in 16 duels. Kenan, who interrupted the pass twice and won the stray ball 4 times, also gave serious support to the team defensively.

It was stated that Coach Önder Karaveli was very pleased with the performance of Güven and Kenan in the Başakşehir match.

It has been recorded that the black-and-white coach made the calculations of giving the form to Güven and Kenan in the top 11 in the away derby, which will be played on Monday, March 14 against Galatasaray.