Bert Visscher again gives a solo performance in De Tamboer

Bert Visscher will again perform his solo performance You don’t see anyone else doing that (where were you?) on Thursday, October 31 and Friday, November 1 in theater De Tamboer.

Last season he also performed the same performance in De Tamboer.

Through the pandemic and hibernation

“Where were you now, Visscher?” “Yes, sorry! Had to go through a pandemic and hibernation.” “And then back on stage?” “Of course, I won’t abandon you and then roll silently towards geraniums and bingo.”

Together with new idiocy and material that did not make it before, it will be a typical evening at Visscher. From Barbie Ken to flower arranging and from the DIY corner (the helmet!) to the stuttering man from motorcycle club No Calendar. Who knows. In any case, Bert is eager to turn De Tamboer upside down!

Tickets for the show by Bert Visscher in theater De Tamboer are here for sale.