Berrettini and Satta: love story over, there is confirmation

Tra Matteo Berrettini And Melissa Satta it’s over and the tennis player himself confirmed it in a press conference from Monte Carlo, where he is training in preparation for his return to the circuit: «Melissa and I are no longer together. What I can say is that we had a beautiful, intense relationship, we have great respect for each other. I won’t go beyond this, I don’t like sharing my private life too much,” Berrettini said.

Melissa Satta, the birthday party is sweeter if Matteo Berrettini is at her side

Berrettini-Satta, it’s over

Not an unexpected statement from the athlete, after rumors of their breakup had been circulating for weeks and after seeing the showgirl spend Valentine’s Day in the mountains with her friends. Initially, those directly involved preferred not to expose themselvesbut it didn’t take long to imagine the end of the relationship since the two hadn’t been seen together for a long time and he hadn’t even shown up for the presenter’s birthday.

The frost between the two for weeks

Then, on social media, shots of the couple no longer appeared on their respective profiles. All situations that together did not bode well. And indeed confirmation of the breakup has arrived. When asked directly by the journalist Matteo Berrettini, he could therefore do nothing but reveal the end of his relationship, and then anticipate his return to the sporting scene.

Melissa Satta and Matteo Berrettini at the amfAR Cinema Against AIDS Cannes Gala event, May 25, 2023 in Cannes. (Credit: Stefano Rellandini / AFP)

Berrettini-Satta a story that began with controversy

Their story actually didn’t start out under the best auspices: the first kiss appeared on Instagram a year ago, after which they came out on the showgirl’s birthday. Once the ice was broken there were no more fears and the two became inseparableso much so that Satta was accused by fans of being a distraction for the tennis player and of even being to blame for the athlete’s lackluster performances.

The tennis player will return to the court soon

Berrettini’s return to the field is not far away: «I took the time necessary to get back to my best and have a good year. They were complicated months in which I wasn’t able to do what I love most, play and compete.” The reference is to injuries and various misfortunes on the pitch which, the tennis player assures, “have now been overcome”. The athlete also assures that he feels very good physically and mentally and that he “wants to go back to competing with the best”.