After Bernhard Brink launched a sweeping attack on Karl Lauterbach and Vladimir Putin during an appearance, he has now rowed back – at least in part. The accusation he made that the health minister would frighten the population was not tenable: “Of course, one of the health minister’s tasks is to point out dangers. In this respect, my statement is a spontaneous escalation due to the emotion, which I would not repeat in this way,” Brink told t-online.

    Brink on Lauterbach: “He upsets me so much”

    During the recording of the “Schlagernacht des Jahres” in the Berlin Waldbühne, the 70-year-old called out to the 18,000 spectators: “This shit Corona, and when I always see this Lauterbach, it upsets me so much. What’s going on there? Monkeypox, Corona, that’s getting on my ass”. The musician is also said to have told the online magazine “” that one should stop being afraid.

    Yesterday’s gossip should never be said

    When the conversation was directed to Vladimir Putin, the portal quoted him as saying: “What is this person doing to other people? Why are not only military targets attacked, but also civilians shot? Even if the others are of course just as to blame when I look at the past. But the trigger is Putin.”

    When asked by “t-online” who he meant by “the others” and why they were to blame for the war, Brink denied this part of his statement: “I have the partial quote you gave about the ‘guilt of the others’ not said”, and further: “It is clear, and I also said this, that Putin alone is responsible for the war of aggression and thus for the atrocities”. On the Waldbühne, Brink dubbed the Russian President “this little asshole” – he should “hit the punch when he shit”.

    Impromptu tirade will not be broadcast