Berna Gözbaşı: We really want to win the cup! – Last minute Kayserispor news

Yukatel Kayserispor President Berna Gözbaşı met with university students in an interview. Referring to the Trabzonspor victory they faced in the semi-finals of the Turkish Cup, Mayor Gözbaşı said, “Football is played on the field. We were defeated 1-0 in the first match of the semi-final, and we fell 2-0 behind Trabzonspor, conceding 1 more goal in the 30th second in the second match. Hopes should not be exhausted, but we were united. “Our technical team and players did not lose their hope despite falling behind 2-0. We reached the final at the end of a match that all of Turkey watched with pleasure. After 14 years, we made it to the final of the Turkish Cup. We are in the final match to be played on Thursday as the management, technical team and players.” We are convinced. We really want the trophy to be ours. The city needs it. People miss celebrating and experiencing joy. We are very happy to bring this excitement to our city. The important thing was to reach the final. We beat Beşiktaş, we beat Fenerbahçe, the champion Trabzonspor I wanted to say ‘Give us our trophy’, but it would be a shame to Sivasspor, our opponent in the final,” he said.


President Berna Gözbaşı continued her statement, “We will witness a friendly struggle between the cities of Kayseri and Sivas. It is very meaningful for me that the teams of the two neighboring Anatolian cities play in the final of the Turkish Cup. In the last 22 years, 4 big teams have not made it to the finals only 3 times. One of them is Kayserispor won the cup. “We are proud to be a part of the final that did not include 4 big teams. We want to win the cup. However, whoever wins, it will be Anatolian football. We show the existence of Anatolian teams,” he said.