Berna Gözbaşı spoke after the Kayserispor – Sivasspor match! This is not the final final for us

In the Ziraat Turkish Cup final, Yukatel Kayserispor lost 3-2 to Demir Grup Sivasspor. After the match, Yukatel Kayserispor President Berna Gözbaşı made a statement to the press. Congratulating Demir Grup Sivasspor, who took the Turkish Cup to its museum, Berna Gözbaşı said, “This is football we lost. First of all, I would like to thank all our fans, not only from Kayseri, but from all over the world. It would be my heart to crown them with a trophy while they’re here. It was a very tense final match. It was a complete final match. We did not win, I congratulate Sivasspor who won. This is not the final final for us. It is actually a start for Kayserispor. We always want to show more finals and successes with the work we have done. We also want to show more finals and success in our country. The football climate needs this. The football climate needs to change. I have been trying to do this since the first day. It was a result of our efforts that we even got applause from the Sivasspor stands today, and that we applauded them after we won the cup. We are trying to create a completely different Kayserispor. We are in an effort to make the football climate which has become negative, positive again. Congratulations to Sivasspor, who became the champions of Turkey. We will continue to work. I hope we will continue to see such finals and successes,” he said.


Expressing that the final played between the two teams was the success of Anatolian football, Gözbaşı said, “We came past very tough opponents. We got applause from every opponent we passed. But today was the final, it was a tense final. In the end, our opponent won. We have been the success of Anatolian football with Majnun President from the very beginning. “We talked about how the loser will congratulate the winner. I am doing this today. I congratulate the Sivasspor community,” he said.


Pointing out that the city of Kayseri and Kayserispor fans will experience such excitement more, Gözbaşı concluded his words as follows:

“When I was going to the second match of the semi-finals, I said that this city desperately needs to experience these joys. As a matter of fact, we passed the semi-final as well. I am very happy that we have this positive atmosphere in the city, this excitement. I believe we will live longer. Both our fans and our city deserve it.”