Berlin’s economy warns: climate neutrality by 2030 is an illusion

Climate campaign for the referendum on March 26: Three untruths on one poster

Climate campaign for the referendum on March 26th Photo: Ralf Lutter

By Michael Sauerbier

All of Berlin climate-neutral in 7 years? To be too good to be true! The business associations of the capital (UVB) say: “This is technically, financially and politically not feasible.”

Before the referendum on Sunday, UVB boss Christian Amsinck (64, representing 60 associations of industry, trade, service providers) warned: “Climate neutrality by 2030 is an illusion.”

Technically there was a lack of opportunities to operate the heating system, electricity generation and transport within 6.5 years without oil, gas and coal.

Financially Berlin cannot come close to providing the necessary investments and funding programs on its own.

Politically the 2030 target fails because sovereignty over many necessary laws lies with the federal government and the EU – not with the city. “A law is being voted on that cannot be implemented and is damaging to Berlin,” said Amsinck.

It would be wiser to concentrate on what is feasible with the promotion of climate-friendly technologies. The entrepreneurs rely on the 10 billion climate fund of the new Senate.

Amsinck: “We are demanding subsidies for the conversion of production. That would be a strong impetus for the transformation of industry towards climate friendliness.


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