Berlin police are investigating police officers with blood alcohol levels

The police are investigating their colleagues: Two civilian investigators from Patrol Service K from Directorate 4 (South) are said to have drunk two men (20, 23) checked.

by Axel Lier and Michael Behrendt

One of the officers is said to have even pulled his gun, the other showed the men the middle finger. Both police officers were traveling in a civilian emergency vehicle and had not identified themselves.

According to BZ information, the incident happened on Saturday around 2 a.m. in front of a shisha bar on Mariendorfer Damm (Tempelhof).

A police spokesman: “Immediate investigations led to the identification of two civilian emergency services. They were found at their office a little later.”

The officials (both over 40) did not want to comment on the allegations. However, breath alcohol measurements would have at least confirmed the suspicion of alcoholism, the police spokesman continued.

Blood tests were carried out on both of them and criminal proceedings were then initiated for drunk driving. This usually only happens from a measured blood alcohol level of 1.1 per mille. Their service weapons were also confiscated.

“If the suspicion is confirmed, we are talking about serious misconduct that will not only have criminal, but also administrative consequences. Police officers are in the public service and protect the population. There is nothing of this in the behavior reported. It is now a matter of finally clarifying the facts,” said police spokesman Thilo Cablitz to the BZ

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